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Tue, Aug 18, 2009

Social Media Marketing

For many people, Twitter is confusing. While on the outside it looks like the simplest of applications, it can be overwhelming. Twitter asks one question, and it is not an easy one. What are you doing? That leaves many people questioning what to say. Still, some people have thousands of followers. How do they do it? How do they reply to the one question in a way that makes others follow them?

Be Clever

If you are boring, no one will want to follow you. Clever tweets get the followers. Don’t just write something down and hit send. Think about what you are saying. Add a little spice to your tweets and watch your followers grow.

Treat Everyone Equally

You should make friends on Twitter, and you need to treat those friends well. Have you ever noticed your followers dropping off? That is likely because you are not doing any friend maintenance. Make sure to spend time talking to each friend. If a friend is isolated, they wall leave. Use Twitter as a social networking tool and take the time to connect with each and every person on your list. This will improve your relationship with your followers and give you leverage with the Twitter community.

Retweet Valuable Tweets

Nothing is as flattering on Twitter as having a tweet retweeted. Share the love by retweeting posts, but only do it if the tweet has some value. Retweet often, and then notice your followers go up. People appreciate being noticed.

Do not make the mistake of retweeting everything, though. If you retweet everything that is said, your retweets will lose their power.

Show Your Identity

Your identity should shine through on Twitter. You might only get a few characters to speak your mind, but you still need to shine through. Your identity is important in the Twitter universe, and you need to let others know how you are.

Stay up to Date

If you take a Twitter break, your friends will take a break from you. People want someone who tweets often enough to remain relevant and interesting.

With that in mind, do not make the mistake of over tweeting. If you go crazy on Twitter, people will not want to follow you. They will not want to have to deal with the constant information flowing onto their page.

Twitter is the current social media trend and you can gain a solid following. Become savvy with Twitter and watch your followers grow.

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