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5 Tips for Starting a Blog

28. July 2009

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If you are going to use a blog in your search engine marketing campaign, you need to make sure it will draw people to it. Blogs are powerful marketing tools when used correctly, and you can get a lot out of a dynamic page. If you want a blog that will be powerful and keep the readers coming back for more, be sure to implement the five tips for starting a blog.

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SEO for Bloggers

2. July 2009

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As a blogger, you have to use the best search engine marketing practices. With the right SEO services, your blog can stand out from the crowd.

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Blogosphere Hidden Link Campaigns

17. April 2009

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The other day I was looking at some tracking data for the movers and shakers in the blogosphere over at Blogscope when I came across a rapidly rising subdomain I’d never heard of – Curious as to what this was, and why so many people would be linking to it in their blogs, I started to dig deeper into the data. What I ended up finding was a lesson in link campaigns and how even the big companies can be guilty of link baiting.

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Keeping Tabs on Your Customers

27. March 2009

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There was a time when most communications between a business and its customers was one-way. The business sent out the message and the customer could either accept or reject it. Think of television advertising and adverts in the newspaper as examples of this. Today, however, we are entering what marketing professionals are calling the 3rd generation of marketing – the social media sphere. In this environment communication is bi-directional and may be kicked off as much by the customer as the business itself. Therefore it’s important to keep your ear to the wall to find out what your customers are saying about you and to actively participate in the discussions with them. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can help you do this at low cost and with relative ease.

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Blogging for Dollars: Making Your Blog Advertiser Friendly

23. March 2009

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It’s the question on everyone’s mind: how can I attract advertisers and other media buys to my blog in order to make money off it? The answer, as it turns out, is not exactly as simple as many would hope.

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