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Study by Borrel Associate Shows Mobile Media as the Fastest Growing Advertising Platform

4. May 2010

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Experts are now saying the capabilities of mobile marketing are reaching consumers faster than any other medium in history, completely dwarfing the rate at which the Internet made it into our homes when it was released (and look at what happened to the bank accounts of smart guys who grabbed that wave when it mounted).

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Video Marketing for Beginners: 5 Simple Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Post

9. April 2010

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Internet video continues to grow in popularity, and as we all know, it is unrivaled as a way to communicate with prospects and hold attention. It’s no big secret that the modern man is no big reader, and in fact, it has always surprised me that blogging ever got popular in the first place with the lack of avid readers in society. We soon saw with social media, and of course video, that being a big reader wouldn’t be a prerequisite for surfing the web for long, and now any marketer worth their salt knows its time to start harnessing the engaging power of video to get their message out there.

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From Great Content Comes Great Links

5. December 2008


We all know that great content is the key to search engine optimization, but what many of us don’t know is what exactly great content is. Great content is what makes others not only visit your site to read your information, but also makes them want to link back and reference your information over and over again. Here are some ideas to help you discover what great content is and how you can create it on your sites.

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The Success of Organic Landing Pages

26. June 2008

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Regardless of whether you are launching a new website or a proven website, it is always adviseable to use organic landing pages. Organic landing pages is a search engine marketing technique that will get traffic to your site without you having to pay for it. Organic landing pages are used particularly for search engine optimization for a specific keyword. There is ample debate whether your landing page should be written for the interest of the human reader or for the search engine spyders, who in turn provide you with your page ranking and indexing. Higher page rank and better indexing means more traffic, more traffic means more sales. The answer, however, is quite simple. With some ingenuity as well as well placed words, it can be done quite well for both the human eyes and the spyders. Understanding that the google algorithym will penalize you for landing pages solely for the purpose of attracting spyders with no relevant content for the readers. Its time to have content that is not only relevant, but powerful enough to capture the human and the spyder. If your content is good, the humans will find you, and if the humans find you the spyders will come.

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