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Has Facebook Got Google and Bing Worried?

7. July 2010

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As search engines go, Google has a fairly comfortable position at the top of the tree. Even Microsoft's attempts to suggest that there is an alternative, don't seem to be doing much to change that. So could it be that Google's biggest challenge might come from a less likely source, like Facebook? With over 400 million active users, many experts have felt that Facebook always had some search potential, but there didn't seem to be an obvious way to turn this into a reality. So what's changed, and should Google and Bing be worried?

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Have You Heard the News About Google News?

5. July 2010

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If you're already using Google News to get your hit of all the latest stories every day, you might have noticed there's been a bit of a change. This is a result of the fact that the way users want to receive information over the internet has changed, and we now want to see more of the stories that affect us directly - as soon as they happen. Google knows this, and has always said they're interested in how they can provide information that is more personal to the individual viewing.

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Lawsuit Takes Google to Task on Misleading Walking Directions

30. June 2010

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In a recent lawsuit filed against Google, one woman claims that Google was at fault, or at least partially at fault, for her being hit by a car while crossing a road in the dark, following Google’s walking directions on her Blackberry. At about 6am, while a highway was relatively empty, the morning was still pitch dark, and Google was touting the road by the name, Deer Valley Drive, rather than the more well-known name, Route 224, she was directed to cross the road to a supposed sidewalk that existed there and a vehicle came and hit her while she was crossing in the dark.

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Is The Future of Search in Limbo?

5. May 2010


We talk a lot about search on this blog, and for good reason. Search engines are a great resource for pulling in website traffic if you target the keywords with the right traffic, and there are plenty of ways to figure out how many people are searching for terms online before you put out the money and effort to rank for those terms. But many people are starting to see a trend of the Internet moving away from being a search-based system.

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New Changes for Adwords Pros Stress Increased Responsibility

4. May 2010

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Adwords has had its ups and downs in the last decade, but as more and more offline companies look to advertise online, it seems more relevant now than ever. And of course, Google sees that relevance better than anyone. One way they’ve sought to capitalize is their six-year old Google Advertising Professionals program, which works with marketing firms. Google recently announced that some new changes are being made to better meet the needs of everyone involved.

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Goggle’s Mysterious Ghost Brand – Is it in Good Faith?

30. April 2010

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Google has introduced an interesting yet subtle new feature in their system in order to recognize the tragedies that strike nations in which they do business. It first appeared recently in the unspeakable tragedy that occurred over Russia. A plane crashed and a good number of important figures from the Polish government lost their lives while traveling to a memorial for the Katyn forest massacre, an incident in which over 20,000 Polish were killed by Soviets.

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Google Continues to Face the Fire – Are They a Monopoly?

28. April 2010


Google seems to be getting quite a lot of heat these days and accusations from a broad range of entities about what many see as a monopolization. Not to mention the frequent challenges from privacy groups around the world who are enraged by some of the company’s newer technological advances and how they encroach on the privacy of citizens in various countries. Even the Department of Justice has gotten in on the flaming.

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Rumor Has it Local Adwords Reseller is to be Terminated

8. April 2010

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Google has been bracing itself, trying to find the best strategies for profiting for the dramatic shift of local companies coming to the Internet to find streams of customers who are no longer walking though their doors. Meanwhile, a lot of people online have been discussing the decline of Adwords, and just in the last couple weeks, it seemed that the conversation got a little louder, with talk rising about the possibility of Google cancelling their local Adwords reseller program.

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Pimp Your Icon: Google Maps Experiments With Sponsored Listings

25. March 2010

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One rapidly evolving spectrum of search engine optimization is the emerging trend of offline businesses to claim their stake in the online market, a stake that grows more valuable as the internet grows from its infancy. One characteristic of this trend is the use of Google Maps, and like every other aspect of the internet marketing world, it is a platform that is rapidly changing.

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Google Analytics Plug-in Provides Enhanced Privacy Control

22. March 2010

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As the Internet encroaches more on our lives than ever before, many people are finding themselves uncomfortable with the ability of online media to peek into our every little move. The fact that what we do online is probably personal as often as it is commercial, if not more, creates a situation where there is good reason for people to worry. Privacy concerns are a very real part of the growing internet phenomenon, and Google seems to be addressing those concerns, particularly with one recent move that is of great interest to internet marketers.

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