4 Deadly Sins of Twitter Users

Wed, Aug 19, 2009

Social Media Marketing

Twitter is one of the best ways to market your brand, and it is also one of the most misused tools available. People rarely know how to use Twitter to market effectively, and thus they do not get as much leverage from it as they could. If you would like to use Twitter for social media marketing, you must avoid the four deadly sins of Twitter users.

Failing to Fill out the Bio

People tend to want to dive into Twitter without taking the time to set it up. They are so enthusiastic they leave the bio section blank. This is a big mistake. Filling out a bio takes five minutes and it can help with your brand. Take the time and fill out a descriptive bio so people can find out more about you. They are much more likely to become interested in your company if you have a bio up.

Having a Bland Page

If you do not use an avatar or a background, you will look as though you simply put your profile up without giving it any thought. Take the time to create a real page. Twitter should be seen as a way to express yourself and sell your brand. Use every tool Twitter offers. Look at every tool as a way to brand your company and use them to your advantage.

Avoiding Conversations

Twitter is known for its one way messages, but if that is all you are using, you will not get the following you want. When there is an event or when a certain hashtag is popular, look for conversation and join in. Whenever you log into Twitter, look at the right of your screen and see the hashtags that are the most popular for the day. Join in and gain more followers.

Link Spamming

If you don’t have anything useful to say, it is best left unsaid. If you are promoting your site by spamming links, you will lose your followers on Twitter. You can occasionally put your link up there, but do not blast people with links.

Most people make deadly Twitter mistakes because they do not completely understand how to use the service. Take Twitter seriously and work to avoid mistakes and gain followers. You will then be able to cultivate relationships and sell your brand.

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