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SEO is Worthless to One Keyword Locals – Are you Sure About That?

30. April 2010

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In a recent interview on Small Business Radio Trends, Aaron Wall of SEOBook gave some insights on the necessity of companies to pay money for SEO services, or to be more precise, the lack of necessity for some companies. While he had some valid points, and he is certainly an expert in the field, I find his statements a bit misleading.

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Google and Keyword Brainstorming

3. September 2009


Are you looking for some keyword ideas and you want to be as creative as possible? Tap into Google and expand upon your keyword research. Google is one of the best ways to find keyword ideas, and the process is incredibly simple.

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Paid Search and SEO Strategy

24. August 2009

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People often take the difficult approach to finding keywords. They spend hours and hours planning a keyword strategy, but when they put it into motion, it fails. Why does it fail? Sometimes research is not as accurate as one would like. When that happens, they have to start from the beginning once again and search for the right keywords.

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3 Tips to Find Keyword Trends

30. July 2009

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When it comes to search engine marketing, simply focusing on today is not enough. The right SEO company is going to look toward the future as well, which is why keyword trends are so important.

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How Many Keywords for One Page?

14. July 2009

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There has been an ongoing debate over how many keywords search engine optimization professionals should use per web page. Some people get out of hand and use keyword after keyword and try to put them all in the copy naturally. The question is, though, is that necessary?

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Keyword Development Strategy – SEO Company Tips

7. January 2009


As an SEO business owner you face the challenge of keeping multiple clients happy while working within their budgetary and technological guidelines. You want to provide the best SEO services you can to get results for the client without breaking your own budget. One of the best ways to bring SEO to clients is through effective and profitable use of keywords. In this posting I’m going to walk you through a few of the strategies and tips I use for finding the best keywords for clients and hope that I can show you a few tricks to help your SEO business as well.

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SEO Optimization for Multiple Word Search Terms

5. January 2009

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Think about this for a moment – how many ways can you ask someone for directions to a restaurant? I’m sure there are three or four ways we can all think of off the top of our heads, and in reality there are probably hundreds of different ways we could all ask the same question. Now think about the same scenario, except this time instead of asking someone they are typing in the query into a search engine. How in the world you can you apply SEO techniques to help you get the maximum value for queries and ad campaigns without having to design the site around every possible combination?

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