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Tue, Aug 11, 2009

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When people think of back links, they rarely give Twitter a second thought. They realize Twitter is a helpful social networking tool but they do not consider all it can do for them as far as back linking. Take a moment to see ways you can build back links with Twitter.

Retweetable Post

Building back links with Twitter stars with a post. Your post has to be something others will want to retweet. That means you need to come up with a post that provides useful information to readers. It has to be interesting enough for other readers to pass it on through a Retweet.

Recruit Your Friends

You cannot rely on others alone to Retweet your post. Get your friends to start Retweeting for you. You want the post to pop up as many times as possible through Retweets and your friends will be helpful in getting the Retweets to take off.

The more your post is Retweeted by your friends, the more others will Retweet it. Your post will get a life of its own.

Getting a Back Link

When a post on Twitter is popular, it ends up on This site will give your post a back link that will link it to the original post. While the back link might not stay on there forever, it will be available while it’s hot. You can use this to your advantage.

Benefits of a Twitter Link

Twitter back links mean traffic. From the Retweets to the actual link put on, you will receive lots of traffic. The traffic will surely translate into some customers. You will notice an increase in your site traffic immediately. Your back link can end up being a gold mine, even if it is only for a limited time.

It is important to note this is not link building. Your link is not permanent with this process, but it is still incredibly helpful. You can end up with lots of traffic and more customers when you use this.

Keep in mind the more followers you have, the more successful you will be with this strategy. Thus, build your Twitter profile and then give this a try.

When you are trying to generate traffic, you want to utilize as many traffic building methods as possible. Twitter is an easy and free way to bring traffic into your site. Be sure to use it for social networking and back linking so you can receive all the benefits of Twitter.

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