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Mon, Aug 17, 2009

Content Creation

You have likely heard companies that promise a number one ranking in Google with minimal work. Of course, if these companies could actually deliver, they would be the busiest companies online. The truth is, you can receive a number one ranking, but it is hard work. These rankings are not just handed out. Sites have to work for them.

How do you get the coveted number one spot? The only way to do it is to be better than everyone else.

Your competitors are the only thing standing between you and a number one ranking. Thus, you have to beat your competitors in order to move up in the ranks. You need to analyze the competition so you can actually obtain the top spot.

Who is the Competition?

If you want a number one ranking, it starts with competition. Look at the keywords you want to rank with and find out what sites have the best ranking with the keywords. Tackle the top ten sites and work at beating them all. Be sure to use all keywords you want to rank with so you can become number one with lots of different keywords.

Onsite Optimization

You must find out what keywords your competitors use, along with the density of those keywords. If you want to beat a site on keywords, you need to go head to head and tackle the competition. You can be the best with a set amount of keyword, but only if you analyze your competitors and make your site better than theirs. That means you will need to create stellar content and use the right number of keywords in the copy.

Quality Links

You need to check the links of a site so you know what you are up against. If a site has thousands of quality links, you need to match that number and improve upon it. You cannot possibly beat a site if you cannot beat the links the site has. Take the time to come up with a solid plan and then build links. This will take time, but it will pay off.

A top ranking in Google is not going to happen overnight. It is possible to obtain, though. You can do it, but you have to work at it. Take your time and build a solid marketing campaign so you can get top ranking.

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