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Google Analytics Plug-in Provides Enhanced Privacy Control

22. March 2010

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As the Internet encroaches more on our lives than ever before, many people are finding themselves uncomfortable with the ability of online media to peek into our every little move. The fact that what we do online is probably personal as often as it is commercial, if not more, creates a situation where there is good reason for people to worry. Privacy concerns are a very real part of the growing internet phenomenon, and Google seems to be addressing those concerns, particularly with one recent move that is of great interest to internet marketers.

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Improving Your Bounce Rate Through Better Landing Pages

24. July 2009

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Think of all the ways that friends come to visit you at your home; chances are that many of them come through the front door. Sure, there may be a few friends that know the “secret” to going to the backdoor or coming in through the garage door, but most people come in through the front door – so naturally most homeowners spend a lot of time making their entry ways look well decorated and inviting.

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When Links Go Bad – Determining Quality Links

12. March 2009

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It can be frustrating to check out your competition’s website, or a website that has a complementary product or service to yours, and find they are ranking high while you are barely showing up on the search engine radar. It’s even more frustrating when you apply SEO techniques to your website and still are being outranked by other sites that hit on some of the same keywords that you aim for. So why are they ranking high and you are still struggling? The answer may be because of your links. Not all links to your site are created equal, and if you don’t have enough high quality links your site can really take a hit in the search engine rankings no matter how good your other SEO techniques are.

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There is More to SEO Than Tracking Rankings

25. February 2009


Think about two department stores located in the middle of town. One is brand new, glitzy and has the “designer” name. The other has been around for years, has a modest appearance and locally owned – and perhaps not everyone has even heard of them. Yet, the modest department store is drawing in more customers and creating more sales despite the fact it isn’t the “#1 retailer”. How can this be? It’s for the same reason that being #1 in the search engine rankings doesn’t necessary spell success – you have to look at more than just where you rank, but how your traffic and segments are doing in comparison to various factors to determine how well your site is (or isn’t) doing.

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Advanced Google Analytics: Interesting Tricks

19. February 2009


SEO and Google Analytics go hand in hand – it’s without a doubt one of the best tools out there for really understanding how your website is performing in terms of search and inbound links. Using Google Analytics you can see how SEO techniques affect your web properties in about as close to real time as you can get. In this article I want to walk you through a few of the interesting tricks and caveats I’ve discovered when using some of the more advanced Analytics features.

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SEO Content Optimization – Designing Your Layout

20. January 2009


I’m sure you know of someone, or seen pictures of people, who live in absolutely beautiful houses on the inside. We’re talking about marble floors, well-decorated rooms and spacious appointments throughout the house. Then you walk outside and it looks like a train wreck. Overgrown grass, lack of landscaping and paint on the house that is 20 years old. The type of house you’d drive right past without giving a second thought if you didn’t know much better. How many of you are aware that content layout follows this same type of behavior? You can have the best content in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you make it impossible to find and hard to read. People will just “drive right by”.

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SEO Testing – What Works and What Does not

14. January 2009

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How many times have you worked on a client’s site and thought to yourself, “I hope these changes work!” For many people in the SEO field testing is not a part of their toolkit. They make changes based on what has worked in the past and hoped it would work now. Only time would tell if the changes actually helped or hurt the site – and by the time you knew the results, so did the client!

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It is All in the Numbers – Using Metrics for Better SEO

22. December 2008


I remember a teacher telling me one time that if we never knew where we had been then we’d never know where we are going. She was so right. That same advice also holds true for website optimization and measuring SEO results. How many times have you walked onto a project and been told, “Just make it better”. What does “better” mean? How do we know when we’ve reached “better”? Without metrics about a websites performance you could end up spending 75% of your time on the part of the site that only gets 5% of the visits.

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