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Fri, Aug 21, 2009

Content Creation

Most people have experienced the sinking feeling when someone steals their content without giving them credit. While they love the idea of their content getting passed around the internet, a little credit would be nice. People who have been victims of content theft can duke it out with the thieves or they can take proactive measures. Proactive measures are much more effective and they don’t cause the headache a dual does.

When proactive measures are taken, content producers are able to prevent getting burned again. This is much more effective than trying to track everyone who has lifted content.

People can download Tracer, a program that makes copying content much more difficult. When you download Tracer, you can insert a code into your content. Your content will hold onto the code and display a link back to your site whenever any of the content is copied. Even if a small amount of content is taken, the program will still link it back to your site.

It is easy to make the program work. After the user registers, they will receive a script. The script goes into the page before the HTML tags for the body of the content. Then, it is be ready to go.

This means you will not have to worry about the thieves stealing your content without giving you credit. You can download the program and then receive credit where credit is due.

This will help with link building and it will also protect your content. It is a time efficient way to receive credit for content. In addition, you will be able to build solid links all over the internet. Every time your content is used, you will create a portal for others to find you. Your content will finally be used to market your site, just as it should be.

Be sure to take a moment to test the code before you release the content out in the internet. You want to make sure the content is protected.

Content is king on the internet, and when people steal content without credit, it can be a headache. You can take your power back by using technology to ensure you always receive credit for your content.

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