Mastering the Key to Ranking #1

Wed, Jun 25, 2008

Search Engine Optimization

Your website has just ranked number one on a top search engine through, so now, what’s next? What more can you do to maximize your search engine marketing skills?

For starters, rankings are usually a little unstable at first and tend to fluctuate for a short time once they first pop up. Until everything balances out, don’t be too surprised if you find that there is a slight dip in rankings over the first few weeks. Once your site has established a number one ranking, add more content to maintain keyword authority. A good path to take is to write at least one more article, using ArticleMaker, or something similar to add yet another link to your site.

Secondly, try to expand your keyword searches. There are millions of keyword searches for similar topics, so see if you can narrow or expand a little and spend some time trying to target other keywords to ensure search engine optimization. Keyword sniping is a great tool and should seriously be considered. Once you have accomplished the number one spot in rankings, you should be able to stay there with little to no effort. This allows you potentially be able to maintain hundreds of sites, all with number one rankings. With the low costs of starting up and research for your sites, the process is very easy to repeat, and cost-efficient.

You should be excited when you get a number one ranking, after all that is the goal, and practice makes perfect, so you should be able to repeat these steps over and over. Keyword sniping works, and will continue to work time and time again if done properly. You can make a substantial income putting this practice into place. Good Luck in your efforts, see you at the top.

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