The Success of Organic Landing Pages

Thu, Jun 26, 2008

Internet Marketing

Regardless of whether you are launching a new website or a proven website, it is always adviseable to use organic landing pages. Organic landing pages is a search engine marketing technique that will get traffic to your site without you having to pay for it.

Organic landing pages are used particularly for search engine optimization for a specific keyword. There is ample debate whether your landing page should be written for the interest of the human reader or for the search engine spyders, who in turn provide you with your page ranking and indexing. Higher page rank and better indexing means more traffic, more traffic means more sales. The answer, however, is quite simple. With some ingenuity as well as well placed words, it can be done quite well for both the human eyes and the spyders. Understanding that the google algorithym will penalize you for landing pages solely for the purpose of attracting spyders with no relevant content for the readers. Its time to have content that is not only relevant, but powerful enough to capture the human and the spyder. If your content is good, the humans will find you, and if the humans find you the spyders will come.

When creating your organic landing page, determine your most important keyword and place it within your HTML title tag, your page URL and at the begininning of the body of the text. If your website is static, you will have to do this manually. If however your site is a blog and you are utilizing WordPress to service your blog, you will automatically be optimized with the above named features if you enable permalinks and have the keyword as the post title and post. This is the core of organic landing pages 101.

Lets take it one step further, add the keyword a few more times in some additional areas such as in the tags, the H1 tag and then again in the closing of the main body of text. Do not, however, over-optimize. As a general rule of thumb, keep keyword usage to approximately 3 times within each 500 words. This is good content and will never be misinterpreted as spam. Along with finding the keyword in the tag and the title, a reader will sense the word 5 times, which is perfect for both human reader interest and the spyders.

Please understand, this is a general guideline, search engine optimization is not an exact science. However, if you follow the rules in this guideline you should have a great start to search engine marketing your product or services online.

Creating a well thought out organic landing page and coupling it with keyword authority, you are sure to win the praises of your readers and the google spyders.

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