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Fri, Dec 5, 2008

Internet Marketing

We all know that great content is the key to search engine optimization, but what many of us don’t know is what exactly great content is.  Great content is what makes others not only visit your site to read your information, but also makes them want to link back and reference your information over and over again.  Here are some ideas to help you discover what great content is and how you can create it on your sites:

Tip #1:  Find Your Niche

You know, the world has enough Digg’s, Craigslist’s and Facebook’s.  Many times we think far, far too big.  There are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of niche markets out there that are under served or not served at all.  Think big, act small is a good motto here.  Look for markets that are in need of great content and deliver it.  You may be surprised at how big that “small” market turns out to be!

Tip #2:  Be the Filter

Let’s be honest – there is a lot of noise out there; Thousands of sites, blogs and other Web 2.0 technologies all screaming about the latest trend, buzz or product.  People want information without having to wade through ten different sites to find it.  Why not make your site the “filter site” and filter out all the noise and present just the facts?  Become the leader for delivering the content for your area without having to write a single line of content yourself!

Tip #3:  Don’t Report the News – Be the News!

The CEO of Google can’t sneeze without two hundred news sites reporting on it.  Let’s face it, unless you are CNN or MSNBC then reporting the news just isn’t going to cut it.  Instead, why not be the news and let others report (and link) back to you?  Create media and content that others want to report about – make it unique, relevant and newsworthy.  You’ll find when you are the news it’s much better to be found in the crowd.

Tip #4:  Don’t Take Sides; But Let Others Take Them!

Be the site that hosts both viewpoints on an issue and let others come to your site and duke it out.  All the while you remain neutral and just let the links keep pouring in. Many sites are afraid of creating controversy, and for good reason, but being a neutral third-party who merely let’s other users visit, create and link to content while discussing both sides of an issue is a great way to build traffic and rankings.

Tip #5:  Visualize Other’s Data

Unless you have a dedicated staff and deep pockets chances are you aren’t creating your own data about market trends, demographics and other related topics. However, there is almost endless data available out there that you can analyze, re-brand and present in unique and interesting ways to draw attention to it and your site.  Raw data isn’t much fun in itself – but when properly analyzed and presented can be a gold mine.

Tip #6:  Use Your Own Data to Generate Buzz

If you are lucky enough to have your own source of data – whether from proprietary databases or from user generated content – you can present it in ways that draws in visitors who are eager to see your analysis.  The more in-depth your analysis the more viewers you will get – as well as the more links you will get from others referencing your analysis.

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