New Changes for Adwords Pros Stress Increased Responsibility

Tue, May 4, 2010

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Adwords has had its ups and downs in the last decade, but as more and more offline companies look to advertise online, it seems more relevant now than ever. And of course, Google sees that relevance better than anyone. One way they’ve sought to capitalize is their six-year old Google Advertising Professionals program, which works with marketing firms. Google recently announced that some new changes are being made to better meet the needs of everyone involved.

Here are the 6 main points covered.

  1. A Name Change and Revamp
  2. First off, the Google Advertising Professionals program has undergone a renovation, re-emerging as the Google Adwords Certification Program. The goal is to ensure those who sell Google services are qualified to represent their advertising clients. New criteria are being introduced into the certification process, including a much greater amount of material to be covered.

  3. More Difficult Exams
  4. In addition, the exams will not be as easy and will be more comprehensive of related skills than they were in the past. Tests in the past may have been lacking, as they consisted of lot information regurgitation. The newer tests will involve a greater emphasis on problem-solving and actual skill.

  5. A Better Way to Search
  6. In an effort to overcome the frustration expressed by many companies looking for a reliable marketing firm to represent their company, Google is also re-introducing Google Partner Search under the new name Adwords Professional Search. Advertisers can search through a wide range of criteria, including location, experience, and budget, allowing them to find the best fit for the campaign they have in mind.

  7. Preferred Pricing for Marketing Firms
  8. The Adwords API pricing has undergone some changes as well. A preferred pricing process will walk you through to find out if you are eligible, and development companies bringing in more clients, and thus responsible for more dollars, will receive a certain amount of free API units. This means certified professionals can continue bringing in more business without worrying too much about their increasing expenditures.

  9. A Higher Bar for Previous Partners
  10. If you were a Google Adwords Professional already, you will maintain your status, BUT now you have to step up and meet the newest requirements as well. You have half a year to get it taken care of.

    Every firm that wants to be recognized must put a minimum of one employee through the certification process and they must pass the fundamentals exam as well as one of the four advanced exams offered. The firm in question is also required to spend $10,000 within the first 90 days in order to maintain their status.

  11. A Linkable Badge
  12. A redesigned certified partner badge and a linked profile page where advertisers can find out more about the marketing firm will provide even more transparency to the end advertising clients. This will also immediately add credibility to a provider’s website while giving the information to advertisers.

    I have to say I like the changes Google has made in this case, and it seems they are really getting the program in shape to make some things happen. Hopefully, this time around we’ll see less abuse from marketing providers and a little more room for trust for those who want to put Adwords to use but lack the expertise.

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