Why is your High Quality Website on the “Badly Indexed” List?

Fri, Dec 11, 2009

Search Engine Optimization

You have a well developed website that contains quality information, has adequate keywords, and you make sure to update it regularly. So, why is your site being indexed badly? This can be quite frustrating, especially when you take the time and spend the money to create a well designed website.

Your Site may not be being Indexed

Although your Google Webmaster Tools Reports shows you are being indexed, it is not always a reliable source. You need to dig a little further to make sure your URL is being ranked. To do this, simply use your traffic analytics tool to see if there have been any Google search referrals to this page. If your page is being ranked, then this is not the problem.

Insufficient and Low Quality Content

It is important to provide high quality content. High quality content is basically enough pertinent information about the topic that will be of use to a visitor. While your content may be valuable information, it is also important that you provide enough content. A few sentences will not do the trick, even if you update it every day. Try to provide at least 250 to 500 words of high quality content.

Your Site may be too New

Google automatically considers new sites to be “under suspicion”. It does not want to store the information of sites that are not accurate and are not providing quality information. All you can do is continue to add quality content, so you can earn its trust.

You may not have enough Links pointing to your Domain

Googlebot visits websites and continues to spider the links on the page. Therefore, Googlebot will not index your site until there is at least one link that points to your domain name. Here are some ways to get some backlinks:

  • Write a press release about the launch of your website and submit it to press release websites.
  • Write articles and submits to the top article directories. Be sure to include your link in the author resource box.
  • Create a blog linking back to your website.
  • Join niche forums. Set up the link to your domain in the signature and make some posts.

These are just a few ways that your site can be indexed badly. If your site is being indexed badly and you provide high quality and updated content, be sure to do some investigating.

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