Tips for Getting Your Pages Indexed

Thu, Aug 13, 2009

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If you have ever built a site or added pages to an existing site and had to wait ages for it to get indexed, you likely felt a great deal of frustration. You can only make money if your site shows up in search engines. Indexing is important, and it is hard to sit back and wait for Google.

What you may not have realized, though, is your site might have been the reason it took so long for all pages to get indexed. Google bots index some sites faster than others and that is attributed to SEO practices. If you use poor SEO strategies, your site will take longer to index. Run a check of your site and make sure you are using the best SEO techniques.

Check Your Sitemap

Your sitemap must be correct if Google is going to crawl all pages in your site. Don’t just create a sitemap using an automated plug-in without checking it. It has to be right or it will not get the job done. Remember, if you add pages to your site, you need to update your sitemap.

Contextual Linking

Interlinking pages is a great way to tip the Google bots off to the additional pages. Put contextual links on your site and use them as a way to direct the Google bots to other pages in your site.

Use Simplicity

A complex directory will give the Google bots a headache. Keep it simple so the bots can easily crawl through the site and index all pages.

In addition, keep your navigation bars simple. You might think complex navigation bars enhance your site, but what they actually do is confuse the bots. Keep it simple and reap the benefits.

Update Often

Update your site often so Google will know you are a frequent updated. Google will put you on a schedule for crawling. If you make a lot of changes, Google might move your schedule up. This can help you with the waiting game.

You need to make your site as friendly to the Google bots as possible. You will not have a problem getting indexed if you use proper SEO strategies. Make sure you have all strategies in place so your site can get indexed quickly.

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One Response to “Tips for Getting Your Pages Indexed”

  1. Marjory Meechan Says:

    I love that you highlight simplicity of the navigation. Some of the complex navigation menus out there will not just confuse a bot – they’re plenty confusing for humans too (I saw a fly-out menu with over 600 links and three levels of fly-out once – yikes).

    That said, there’s been a lot of talk about those new directory-like menus that drop down and the links are organized into little directories. You can see them on According to what I’ve read, they provide a good user-experience. Do you have any ideas on how to balance the user-friendliness of the menus with the need to make it less complicated for the bots? I see Target’s using nofollows but apparently that doesn’t work anymore (if it ever did).

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