5 Simple Steps to Increase your Google Page Rank

Mon, Jun 30, 2008

Google, Yahoo! & MSN

Believe it or not, Google page rank is based mainly on back links. Back links are the links that point to your website from another website, so naturally the more back links you have, the higher you’re PR ratings, and your Google ratings are soon to follow.

  1. Forums are a great tool in achieving back links to your website and maximizing search engine marketing: You should always join a forum. The way most forums work, you are allowed to have a signature. Within that signature, you are allowed to copy your link to your webpage. You should make sure that the forum you join has somewhat the same content as yours to target the proper demographics. If it is not related it is not the end of the world, there just isn’t as much potential for back links. This will also allow you to build your website’s presence, which is key to its survival. The more your website is advertised, the more credibility it will gain. These people who view your link could also be potential visitors to the site or even leads.
  2. Submit to Search Engine Directories: Search Engine Directories are a great way to get your website advertised for free as well as increase your chance for reaching popular search engines like Google. Most directories will allow you to submit for free and the more links the higher the PR.
  3. Use Ezine ads (or newsletters): The most beneficial step to increasing your web presence is creating an ezine. You can give your viewers something beneficial by allowing signatures and offering special deals which will in return result in potential leads and back links. When you submit your information to ezine, you are automatically given a free link on their website, which is just more PR, which is maximizing search engine networking.
  4. Creating and Publishing Articles: Articles are one of the easiest sources of generating new traffic to your website. You can also include your signature in your article, usually including a link to your site. A signature tends to be comprised of 4 to 8 lines. The first line is usually the title of the website you are advertising. The lines in between are a sneak peek to the content in your website and the final line would include the link.
  5. Links from related websites: Being able to gain links from related websites can be one of the most difficult tasks. They are simple to find but very hard to obtain. Simply go to a search engine, and type in your subject. Once you have found the website you would like your link to be on, you must contact the owners about advertising your link on their site. This is by far the most frustrating because of all of the ignored mail by the webmasters.

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