Understanding the 12 Types of SEO Content Strategies

Tue, Apr 7, 2009

Content Creation

No matter what else you do, at the end of the day quality content is going to be the deciding factor as to who rates high in the rankings and who doesn’t. You can apply SEO techniques to spam all day long and it won’t do you a bit of good. Without quality, informative content nobody is going to want to visit or link to your site. Having said that we often here from SEO professionals who are unaware of the different types of content there are out there – it’s not just a text based world anymore – and how they can be used together to drive traffic, increase rank and generate profit for a website. In this article I am going to take you through the 12 types of content that is most often found on web sites and how each of them can help you in the world of SEO.

1 – Videos

A few years ago video was unheard of on the web, today thanks to sites like Youtube and Hulu video is everywhere. Broadband access means that people are looking for rich media, not just plain text anymore. People like to be able to “see” things, not just read about them – and studies have shown that people are more likely to watch a video than to read a lengthy text article. A well put together video can be a huge traffic draw to your site.

2 – Blog Posts

Blogs are dynamic, informative and most of all – fresh. They let you keep a constant stream of updated data flowing through your website. Blogs have become so popular that entire websites are composed of nothing more than blog posts. Blog content can be entertaining, educational, news or editorial based. The type you end up choosing is largely based on your objectives.

3 – News

News sites, to be effective, have to be “first to press” – you have to get the scoop on others. News sites are linked to and viewed more often than any other type of site, traditionally. If you are focusing in on news content remember that it’s a 24×7 venture – one where you are going to need quite a bit of fresh, unique content flowing through all the time.

4 – E-Books

E-Books are one way to send your authority level soaring. Though they are not the easiest to create (you can use outside ghost authors) they can be invaluable at bringing links and business to your site. Just remember to make the book relevant to your site.

5 – User Generated Content

Remember all that Web 2.0 buzz? It centers around user generated content and its one of the easiest way to get fresh, unique content on your site without you having to worry about it. Though you lose a little bit of editorial control, the benefits far outweigh any risks of letting your users speak up as long as you engage in a bit of moderation now and then.

6 – Widgets and Badges

Give people a reason to visit your site – send our widgets and badges that help deliver some of your content to other websites. For example, if you run a site that is dedicated to helping students finding the best college loans a great way to widgetize your content is to provide a widget that helps them calculate loan payments after graduation.

7 – Awards

Let’s face it, we all have big egos! Everyone loves to get the gold star. Recognize your star contributors on your site and those people who really do help your site stand out above the rest. You’ll be surprised how much a pat on the back can send visitors and links to your site!

8 – Contests

The word “free” sends people running in droves. However, as tempting as a contest may be you need to realize it’s a flurry of visitors and unless done right may not have a lasting effect on traffic stats to your site. Make the content relevant to your site and make it so that entrants have to participate in some fashion. In other words, make it so that those who take the time to visit your site and get value out of it are actually able to enter the contest.

9 – Images/Photos

Good quality images can make or break a site. Nobody is going to buy something from you if the image of what they are buying is fuzzy or poorly lit. If you are trying to sell something on your site then you need to make sure your images are up to snuff.

10 – Research

This one falls into the “authority” category again. The more authority you can build the more people who will link to you and visit your site. By publishing unique research that is relevant to your site you can attract potential customers and clients. When done properly, research can generate a huge swell of new visitors to your site.

11 – Don’t Just Sit There – Do Something Remarkable!

Don’t be another website that blends in with the others. Do something that sets you out from the others. Perhaps your site is dealing with weight loss – what better way to generate buzz and visitors then to create a special section that follows the life of a fictional client and spills the entire beans on their life – weight loss and all – for others to read and see!

12 – Create and Distribute Applications

A Facebook application, WordPress plugin or even a traditional piece of software can be a big draw for your site. It will help boost your perceived authority, increase awareness of your site and can help you generate new business.

We hope you could learn about some good tips when start a new online project. We recommend you visit our SEO FAQ and see more about search engine optimization.

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