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Tue, Jan 6, 2009

Content Creation

What’s the “secret” to getting your site listed in the coveted top 10 spots in the search engines?  Create outstanding content and get people to link to it.  Pretty simple huh? Oh but if SEO was that simple.  We all know that SEO can be one of those things you can spend weeks, even months on, and still not break into the top 10 on search. This is because that you can optimize your site for SEO until you are blue in the face, but until you get quality sites to link to you then you are almost invisible to the search engine folks.

So, how do you get people linking to you?  First, create great content.  Second, well, get them to link to you of course!  You want bloggers, forum posters, other (quality) websites, social media sites and anything that has “www” in the title to be linking to you for content that is relevant to the subject (remember, you don’t want inbound links just for the purpose of linking – that is link spam and can get your site banned from most search engines).  The more high quality, relevant web sites  that link to you the better.

So what type of content gets people linking to you?

  • Factual
  • Unique
  • Interesting

You can apply SEO services to a site with poor content and maybe, if you are lucky, get a small bump in the search results – maybe you can go from 5,685 to 5,580.  Or, you can zero in on creating content that follows the guidelines above and watch the incoming links propel your site into the top 10 almost like magic!

So how do you create unique, interesting, factual content that will get people linking to you?  Find an angle and latch onto it!  Writing about credit card debt using the same advice you can find at 10,000 other sites won’t get you many links.  However, writing about a new technique that you have tried, or have firsthand knowledge of, that gets people out of debt will get the linkers pointing to you en masse!

And while you are creating this great content people are linking to why not help them optimize their links to you by providing badges and other SEO-friendly links to your site.  If you haven’t already, make sure you have the tools and icons on your sites to let people easily and effortlessly link to your content through social media sites and send links through e-mail.  Make it as easy as possible to get those inbound links to your site!

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