Four More Ways to Boost Your Rankings

Thu, Dec 4, 2008

Link Building

Yesterday I talked a little about four relatively easy ways to boost your rankings in the major search engines (especially Google) without gaming the system.  Looking back at that article I’ve come up with four more ways that works well and can have not only great ranking benefits for your sites, but also help you to expand your network of social and business contacts.

Remember, quality content will always be the key to attracting the most viewers, and getting you that coveted top spot.  However, every good recipe needs tweaking, and these search engine optimization tips are the “spices” that will help make your sites soar in search and hopefully translate into great conversion rates!
So, continuing from where we left off last time….

Tip #5:  Donate to Charitable Organizations and Causes

This one should be a no-brainer, and something you do as part of your business already.  Not only is it the right thing to do morally, but it is also tax deductible in most cases.  Find a worthy cause – something you feel passionate about – and help them out by donating of your money or time.  In return, ask for a link back to your site. 

Most non-profit organizations already are considered highly trusted by Google and the other search engines, so links back to your site really score big points in the rankings.

Tip #6:  Purchase Content

We talked about purchasing entire sites, but sometimes you will stumble upon content that is a great draw of traffic that you can purchase from the owner and move to your own site.  How many gems have you found out there that if it were promoted and marketed correctly could be a big traffic draw?
Remember, never steal content; and when you purchase content always make sure it is taken down from the other sites.  Originality counts heavily in SEO.

Tip #7:  Viral Marketing

You got great content – so why not help people link to it and share it?  Create content that is linkable and embeddable.  Think of sites like Facebook, Digg and Techcrunch.  When people find your content make it easy for them to share it with their favorite social networking site.  Make it as automatic as possible.  Viral marketing is the best form of marketing out there – as long as it’s positive!
How better than to market your site and services than to let others do it for you for free?

Tip #8:  Let Other’s Talk About You

Do you have a product or service that your site or blog sells?  Why not let other people review it and write about their experiences to help generate interest and links back to your site?  By putting your products out there for others to review, you help build quality links and generate buzz about your products.

Contact potential reviewers and bloggers directly, and strike up a conversation.  Don’t try to be overly aggressive, instead let the interest build naturally.  You’ll find you get much better reviews when people “discover” your products or services for themselves instead of you having to ask for their feedback or reviews directly.

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