How Many Keywords for One Page?

Tue, Jul 14, 2009

Keyword Research

There has been an ongoing debate over how many keywords search engine optimization professionals should use per web page. Some people get out of hand and use keyword after keyword and try to put them all in the copy naturally. The question is, though, is that necessary?

The fact of the matter is, you only need one key phrase per webpage. The phrase can be as long or as short as you want it to be, but you really don’t need more than the one for effective SEO.

The reason behind this is simple. Whenever you optimize a page for lots of different keywords, it is hard to make the page relevant to each keyword. You can’t go into a great amount of detail about each keyword, which makes it only somewhat relevant to each word. This causes a problem when you are trying to get a good ranking for your page.

Whenever you choose just one phrase, you can build a better page that is highly relevant. As you can imagine, this is something the search engines really like.

That does not mean your site should only have one key phrase. You can have a key phrase for each page of your site. They will all be related but they won’t be the same. This will give you the most leverage with the search engines. You will be able to use search engine optimization for each webpage, and you will be able to get a site with a good ranking.

There is an added bonus to using one key phrase for each page. You won’t only optimize your page for the key phrase, but you will also optimize it inadvertently for many other phrases as well. When a phrase consists of many words, each combination will be picked up by the search engines. This gives you the chance to target your customer base with a long key phrase and then have a broad appeal when the phrase is broken up as well.

An example of this is if you had the targeted key phrase “low income credit repair help.” You won’t only have the long phrase. You will also have “credit repair”, “credit repair help”, and other combinations that can come from that phrase.

Concentrate on optimizing for one key phrase per page and your site will do well. Pick the right keywords and you will be able to move up in the search engines.

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