3 Tips to Find Keyword Trends

Thu, Jul 30, 2009

Keyword Research

When it comes to search engine marketing, simply focusing on today is not enough. The right SEO company is going to look toward the future as well, which is why keyword trends are so important.

Even though you cannot predict the future, you can find keyword trends. There are tools an SEO company needs to use in order to find the trends regarding keywords. By knowing the trends, the company can better serve its clients.

Google Trends

The first place an SEO company needs to visit to find keyword trends is Google Trends. Whenever you type a keyword into Google Trends you can find out if it is becoming more or less popular. This will show you if a keyword is on the rise or if it is falling.

If a keyword is in the middle of a decline, find a different keyword that will serve you better. Remember, search engine optimization is only going to work if people are searching for the keyword.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is another tool each SEO company should use. With this tool, you can get keyword data that is broken down by geographical location as well as categories. In addition, you can get other keyword ideas when you use this tool. The ideas you get can then be analyzed for trends so you will get a better idea of which words are best for search engine optimization. This will help you find new trends and implement them into your search engine optimization strategy.

Twitter Search

When you use Twitter Search, you can actually find out what keywords people are using right now. This helps spot trends, because as people start using keywords and they start becoming more popular, a new trend is born.

You don’t want to just analyze your keywords with this tool. You also want to take a look at other keywords that are used with yours. You can develop a list of keywords that will help you write powerful copy that is search engine optimized.

Analyzing keyword trends is the only way you will be able to predict the future. Remember, search engine optimization is an ever changing game, and every SEO company must stay on top of the trends so they can serve their clients well. Businesses don’t want the hot trends of yesterday. Instead, they need the hot trends of tomorrow so they can always be a step ahead of the competition.

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