Search Marketing Jobs: Getting Them and Keeping Them

Fri, May 8, 2009

Search Engine Marketing

The worldwide economy is starting to show signs of a thaw – and most SEO professionals admit that even during the “big chill” the past two quarters work for skilled search marketing professionals has been pretty steady. This is one area where the need is growing, despite the bad economy. With that in mind we are going to review some helpful tips for not only landing that search marketing job of your dreams, but also tips on how to keep it (and keep the client happy!)

Don’t Be a Bump on the Log – Show some initiative and enthusiasm for what you do. This isn’t saying go out there and have “skunk projects” all over the place, but rather take an active role in bringing new ideas to the table with your employer. An e-mail to the boss or group every week or so with a few ideas or thoughts can really go a long way. People appreciate the “extra effort”!

Never Stop Learning. I can’t tell you how many people I know who land a job and think that they never have to crack open a book or read something new again. People who excel in search marketing and SEO know that the field is changing by the day – keep up with emerging trends, take marketing classes at your local college and be active in the marketing community.

Create (and Manage) Expectations. There is nothing worse than having people excepting you to deliver it all and then when you deliver your absolute best they are just sitting there wondering where the “rest of it” is. Create and manage the expectations of you and your group up-front. Goals have to be realistic and so do deadlines. However, don’t sandbag projects or always aim low – you build up trust with your employer or client by always being upfront with them.

Keep Your Name Out There. Be known as someone in the industry, not just another number! Start a blog, get involved with online search marketing communities and beef up your profile on sites like LinkedIn. The more you are seen as an industry thought leader, the more secure your position is!

Management Loves Data. Be sure you are generating metrics and people are reading them. Management loves data, and a few variables that are laid out in an easy to use graphical format can go a long way in getting management to understand your true value to the company.

Don’t Play Politics. Take a stand on an issue and stick with it. Don’t change the way you feel about something – like pay per click – every time someone comes up with a new magazine article about it. Keep out of the petty office gossip circles too while you are at it!

Support Your Co-Workers. Remember, you are working for the same company as them. Don’t throw them under a bus or let them drown. If you see they could use a hand, offer to pitch in and help. You never know when they will return the favor!

Speak With Authority. Search marketing changes so rapidly it can be hard to keep up. If you don’t know, or are unsure about something, it is OK to tell people that you need to research the information first so you can give an accurate answer. Nobody knows it all – especially in this field!

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