Building a Winning Site Using Linking and Content

Thu, Apr 10, 2008

Link Building

As you probably know, inbound linking is one of the most important components of a search engine marketing strategy. But often times people simply understand how using the options for link building that exist out there on the internet are key to the overall construction of your website as a whole. You have to get links from the right sources, and ultimately, those sources are going to have to want to link to your site, so your content needs to be useful, informative and make your site sound like the best out there.

So how do you build this kind of winning site? Follow these steps and you can’t go wrong. For the purpose of this example, let’s say you’re building a site to help promote your Classic Car Repair Shop.

Step 1: Understand who is going to be most likely to link to your site. Some examples of this might be auto parts dealers, writers at magazines and web sites specializing in classic cars, classic car bloggers, local auto show organizers, craigslist auto message boards, or car repair social networks. Submitting links to these sites will be your main goals, before you go submitting links to general directories.

Step 2: Expand your focus. Now that you’ve decided on the most relevant sites and services for linking, think about some others that may be related, but may be a step or two removed. Examples could include car photography, car repair advice, or car sales sites.

Step 3: Generate content ideas. You want to make your page as dynamic as possible. For a classic cars site, you could have interactive graphic menus highlighting different parts and components and their location within the cars, which could lead to menus with pricing and services available. You could also have videos detailing certain repairs or custom car building. Lots of photographs or projects, and interviews with the team of mechanics. Get creative!

Step 4: Hire great designers and get your name out there. Hire the right people to help you build a great site, and then submit, submit, submit.

Follow these steps to link building and content creation and your site will be a guaranteed hit.

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