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Testing the SEO Value of Anchor Text on Internal Links

6. February 2009


It can be extremely difficult to test the effectiveness of your SEO changes on many elements of your site. Controlled environments are rare, and even then you don’t know what the search engines are going to change come tomorrow that is going to affect your SEO strategies today. However, despite all the challenges there is one area where you can do some “live testing” without worry – on your anchor text for internal links.

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Video SEO: Optimizing For Rank

5. February 2009


It’s no secret that the web is more than just text and pictures anymore – video and rich multimedia content are is part of what is defining Web 2.0 and beyond. The problem is we all know how to apply SEO techniques for text and images, but how do we make sure that our videos are ranking high? Today we’ll talk a bit about SEO for video and how to make sure you get the links, the rank and the views.

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Choosing The Right SEO Strategy For Your Business

30. January 2009


People often think of SEO as just one strategy – to get web page content ranked higher than others. However, SEO has many different strategies and knowing which ones to apply can help your business deliver the results your clients are looking for. In this article we’ll examine some of the most common SEO strategies out there today.

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It is the Little Things That Add Up to a Lot in SEO

28. January 2009


Think about the last time you visited your mechanic. Why is that many of us would gladly lay out $800 to fix a major problem if our mechanic told us it needed immediate attention, but at the same time very few people are willing to spend the $50 to make sure a little problem doesn’t become a $800 problem. The same thing can be said about SEO – clients see the “big” things, but often don’t see the value in the little items that add up to sizeable shifts in rankings. How do you as an SEO company show that the little things matter as much as the big optimization items?

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SEO Content Optimization – Designing Your Layout

20. January 2009


I’m sure you know of someone, or seen pictures of people, who live in absolutely beautiful houses on the inside. We’re talking about marble floors, well-decorated rooms and spacious appointments throughout the house. Then you walk outside and it looks like a train wreck. Overgrown grass, lack of landscaping and paint on the house that is 20 years old. The type of house you’d drive right past without giving a second thought if you didn’t know much better. How many of you are aware that content layout follows this same type of behavior? You can have the best content in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you make it impossible to find and hard to read. People will just “drive right by”.

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SEO Testing – What Works and What Does not

14. January 2009

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How many times have you worked on a client’s site and thought to yourself, “I hope these changes work!” For many people in the SEO field testing is not a part of their toolkit. They make changes based on what has worked in the past and hoped it would work now. Only time would tell if the changes actually helped or hurt the site – and by the time you knew the results, so did the client!

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Rumors of the Death of SEO Have Been Widely Exaggerated

28. November 2008


Tweet So how many of us hang onto Google’s every word? When we wake up in the morning and Google had made a change, however slight, how often do we run around thinking the sky is falling and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world as we know it has come to an end? If this […]

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5 Simple Steps to Increase your Google Page Rank

30. June 2008


Believe it or not, Google page rank is based solely on back links. Back links are the links that point to your website from another website, so naturally the more back links you have, the higher you’re PR ratings, and your Google ratings are soon to follow.

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Mastering the Key to Ranking #1

25. June 2008

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Your website has just ranked number one on a top search engine through, so now, what’s next? What more can you do to maximize your search engine marketing skills? For starters, rankings are usually a little unstable at first and tend to fluctuate for a short time once they first pop up. Until everything balances out, don’t be too surprised if you find that there is a slight dip in rankings over the first few weeks. Once your site has established a number one ranking, add more content to maintain keyword authority. A good path to take is to write at least one more article, using ArticleMaker, or something similar to add yet another link to your site.

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Tips and Keys to Improving the Popular of Your Website

25. April 2008

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Improving the popularity and visibility of your website is important to any webmaster, and most often it can be done by securing a good foundation on which to build in the future. Whether you’re running your own informational news website or an e-commerce website, these tips can help you get noticed.

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