Levering Serious SEO Value From Your Business Assets

Wed, Feb 11, 2009

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Chances are you have a number of both online and offline business assets that are just sitting around. These may be properties that you haven’t done much with online or intangible assets such as customer comments and feedback you’ve received offline. In this article we’ll talk a bit about how to leverage these assets to help you with SEO of your business and show you how some of that intangible data and assets can be turned into a goldmine for your company and your brand.

First let’s look at other domains you may own. It’s not unusual to find companies that own several domains, yet they only use one domain for their main online presence. Instead of letting these potentially valuable assets just sit around look at ways you can leverage them. For example:

  • Can you transform some of them into micro-sites that enhance your brand or your main domain through content and traffic direction?
  • Can you redirect the traffic from those domains back to sub-domains on your main site to help enhance your main domains value?
  • If the sites are actively being used, are you linking between those sites and your main sites? If you are, have you optimized your links and gaining the maximum SEO value from those links?

Perhaps in your main business you work with partners offline who may have online properties. Have you explored ways to develop linking strategies between your site and theirs? Sometimes even one link between sites, especially with popular suppliers, can significantly boost your SEO rankings.

If your company has been around for a while, chances are you have volumes of data that never made it online. These may be old printed newsletters, or e-mail newsletters that are not indexed online. It’s not unusual for established companies to have thousands of content sources just waiting to be re-purposed and put online to breathe new life into the content and to send rankings skyrocketing. Take a look around and see what offline content can be brought into the web world.

Any brick and mortar retailer can tell you that customers are one of their most valuable assets – and the same is true online, yet for many of us we fail to fully realize the potential of our customers and visitors. Try reaching out to your “fan base” of customers and visitors to see if they would be interested in providing content either through experience write-ups or content based around your particular product or service. This is one of the strategies of the Web 2.0 world – let your customers do the hard work for you!

Many businesses fail to leverage all of their assets properly in the web world. Either they don’t realize the potential of putting various content sources online, or they fail to utilize existing online communities and content properly. By showing them the SEO value of digging into their corporate archives and offline resources you may be able to help them surge ahead of their competitors by simply utilizing their existing assets better. It’s not doing more with less, but rather doing more with the existing.

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